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So I was feeling in the mood to try something new. I've been seeing these collage-things around the internet and thought I'd try my luck at it... not sure how well I succeeded, but :shrug:

I was inspired by the song "Warrior" by Beth Crowley. Go check it out, its a wicked song!

Obviously this is for Garrus and Elaine, from my story "Gravity"…
I don't personally watch the show Vikings, but I like the look of this character Legratha (I think that's her name anyway), because she resembles a lot of how I pictured my Warden Elaine Cousland in physical appearance: light-gold hair, ice-blue eyes, etc. So, yay! :D

Hope you guys like it, and don't forget to leave a comment for me!

Garrus (c) Bioware
Mass Effect (c) Bioware
Dragon Age (C) Bioware
Warden (c) Bioware
Gravity (c) Me!
It's Cold Outside
Yep. I've made a wintery themed picture, because "hey, why the f*ck not?"
So because the winter season is finally here and it is FREEZING wherever I go, I thought to do something themed to that with Shendu and Valerie. And yes, it is with the song "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Tom Jones as inspiration…
Shendu and Valerie really seemed to fit this, and it made me grin like a fangirl to imagine them in this :D

Of course, this picture is not anything planned for my fanfiction "The Stronger Evil", this was just a bit of fun. So I hope you enjoy it.
And for anyone who's curious and hasn't read my fanfictions, check them out here:……

Shendu (c) Jackie Chan Adventures
Valerie (c) Me

... "Bloody freezen, innit?"
My OC's - WIP
So, this is a little project I'm working on. And I hope to have it coloured and started soonish. But I want to perfect this, I'm not gonna rush it. Having said that, I do want you guys to see what I have in store for you ;)
These are the main heroines of my fanfiction stories. And before anyone asks, these are poses, and does not directly reference their exact heights. If the were the case then Joanne would be the tallest. And I tried to include Grace and Lianne in their original animal forms, but they looked really out of place beside the others, so I interpreted them as humans for this example.

From left to right:
Grace Glossy (human form) - "Old West"…
Joanne Teerly - "Monsters Are Made"…
Kathryn of Threndryn - "Heart of Fire"…
Valerie Payne - "The Ultimate Evil"…
Lianne of the Shan Palace (human form) - "The Vow"…
Miya Carter - "The Predacon's Prisoner"…

Hope you all enjoy! Please don't forget to leave a comment and favourite!
First Love
This is a late birthday present for :iconwhispers-gargoyle: I had planned something hand-drawn... but it turned out REALLY bad No, I disagree! ... So here is something else!Sweating a little... 

Inspired by her recent vid of Princess Eilonwy and Brooklyn, I ran with the theme. And then I found this oh-so-cute saying online the other day to make this complete! Basic story is that Princess Eilonwy lived in Castle Wyvern, and she and Brooklyn grew up together as childhood sweethearts. And then, when they're older, childhood innocence bloomed into full romance. Love 

Hopefully, I plan to do a full comic-page of the story! I would've done a video but there are NOOOOOOOOOOO good quality videos of Brooklyn. *sigh* Waaaah! 

Songs I was listening to that really inspired me with this couple:………

Brooklyn and Eilonwy (c) Disney
Odette (c) Sony Wonder/Warner Bros.
Undercover at the Market
This is a gift for :iconboxjelly1: Basically I got a little carried away with my imagination and just randomly came up with this... sorry.

So this is a piece in loving dedication to her master-art-work, "The Nebula's Tide" which you can read here:…

In the picture, Kala and my OC Syita are deployed by pirate Captain Treta of the Monoceros to pick up a package from an outlaw planet. I pictured it being something belonging to the Federation that was stolen and Treta thought to buy it. Probably some type of high-tech medical equipment, which is why Kala is sent in order to confirm it is legit. Syita accompanies her so that she can confirm the package is authentic and that the seller has no hidden catches up his sleeve - being able to detect the truth is just brilliant that way! The two are wandering through the market to the rendezvous point, Kala being a little distressed at her Athanian companion. Syita has to cover herself in robes in order to avoid being spotted - an unarmed Athanian could fetch quite the price if she was recognised. I also wanted to demonstrate that Athanian's hate clothing, or anything that blocks their skin from the air - hence her slightly pained expression. Syita can deal with it in this instance, because she made the robes and hood by hand herself from only the most organic materials, so therefore the pain is considerably reduced.

NOTE: This is not an actual scene in the story, nor an upcoming one. This is just my fanciful mind doing... something.

I tried to incorporate as many aliens in the background as possible to give the feel of a market. I wanted them to be more shapes and indistinguishable, hence why they don't have that much detail and are more... crappy. I was playing around with filters in photoshop to try and give this planet that dusty-desert look... not sure if I succeeded, but *shrugs* I'm happy with it.

Hope you guys like it! :D

Kala (c) :iconboxjelly1:
Nebula's Tide (c) :iconboxjelly1:
Syita (c) me
So, I've been tagged by :iconscifilover2: to provide thirteen facts about myself and answer thirteen questions.

Facts about myself:

1. I am in love with musicals - or music in general. It speaks to my mind in a way that makes me feel as if I can see it, how it moves, and from it I can visualise so many scenes. Don't get me wrong, I'm no musical genius, I can hardly even play a single tune on the piano!
2. I have a nasty habit of creating something (whether that be art, writing, or something else) thinking "yes! that's great!" then looking back at it and realise: "oh wait, I'm shit."
3. I find swear words funny - I know, REALLY mature.
4. I'm an avid Dragon Fan... though not a big secret, that.
5. I'm in love with the idea of being in love, but have only ever been in one serious relationship.
6. I am the eldest child of five.
7. I love eating fresh pineapple, but hate it cooked! Gross!
8. I am counting down the days until the next episode of Game of Thrones! (I don't know what I'm going to do with my life once it ends DX)
9. My nails and my hair are precious to me, because they are the only part of my appearance that I am actually vain about - they are my only feminine qualities, in my opinion. So I grow both of them very long.
10. I once cried in anger when my mum told me she didn't like the idea of Wonder Woman or any saviour woman, because she liked the idea of a man swooping in and taking care of everything for you >:(
11. I cry at almost EVERYTHING sad.
12. I make a point not to get involved in politics too much, instead I have a strong set of morals which I refuse to break - and it is only when someone else breaks the ideas of those morals that I begin to dislike said person. But I still hold true to the belief that all people are entitled to their own opinions, so long as those opinions do not harm or impede others from doing the same.
13. My singing voice is the only thing I am quietly proud of (until I hear it played back to me, then I hate it).

The thirteen questions:

1. What internet meme or YouTube short film would you most like to see get a feature film?
Reversal of the Heart by Carolyn Chrisman. Check it out, and you'll see why.
2. What's your favourite season of the year? (Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring?)
I think Spring. Simply because I live next to a duck pond, so I love the baby ducklings! :3
3. Which filmmaker or showrunner do you absolutely trust to always produce good stuff?
Peter Jackson. Screw the haters.
4. If you could time-travel anywhere to any time, where and when would you go to and why?
Dinosaur era. Because = DINOSAURS!
5. Where was your favourite holiday?
USA Florida. Got to go to Sea World, Disneyland, Universal Park... such good memories.
6. Which of these magical elemental powers would you most like to have: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Air, Lightning, Woodland, Space, Time or Gravity?
Air - Because then I could fly!
7. What Disney or DreamWorks film would you most like to see a remake of, and in what style? 2D animation, 3D animation or live-action? (NOTE: You can't say any film that was remade after 2010.)
Hunchback of Notre Dame as Live Action, but as the recent musical version, because I can see it being the Titanic movie of our time! :'(
8. What's your least favourite season of a programme you love, and why?
Uuuuuh, really hard to pick. But currently, Poldark season 3 (I think we're currently on Season 3), simply because the main character, Ross Poldark is REALLY giving me the arseache with his blatant hatred of authority to the point that it causes so much harm all for the sake of his principles and the show needs extra DRAMA!
9. Which of these would you most like to be: Time Lord, Dragon, Wizard (Harry Potter or the general fantasy archetype a la Gandalf), Angel (Supernatural) or Transformer?
Dragon. Obviously.
10. What's your favourite sequel you thought was better than the original?
Kung Fu Panda 2. No question.
11. If you could un-cancel any cancelled film project, which one and why?
Disney's Gargoyles - that show was absolutely epic. I would beg every Disney executive, if I thought the original show could return - or better yet, get a film REMAKE! :D
13. What do you prefer books being adapted to: Film or TV?
Depends on the source material. If it is heavy on characters and lore, then I would say TV. If instead it relies on plot and could fit nicely to a single runtime, then Movie.

My Questions to those I'm tagging down below:

1. Favourite music track (musical, movie theme, mainstream, anything)?
2. Do you play video games? If so, which would you like to get a Hollywood make-over? Or be adapted to TV "Game of Thrones" style?
3. Favourite fanfiction world to write/read in? Why?
4. What is the greatest moral any piece of fiction has taught you?
5. Favourite villain? Favourite Hero? (the two do not have to be connected)
6. Have you ever read the novelisation of a movie/game/anything, and if so, which was your favourite and why?
7. Are you a dragon fanatic like me? If so, who's the best?
8. Name the worst book you've ever had to sit through?
9. Do you prefer the old type of Disney villains - diabolical, glorious in their revelry of their evilness? Or do you prefer the new type of Disney villains - where we don't actually know they're the villains until 2/3 of the way through for a plot "twist"?
10. What was the hardest thing you've ever had to write/draw/create and why?
11. Do you overthink any piece of entertainment waaaaaay too much? If so, explain the craziest of the bunch.
12. What's your ultimate power couple?
13. Tell me about one piece you are most proud of. What inspired you? What was the creative process like? What sets it apart from all your other projects?

I tag:


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Alicia Donovan
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I am a small town female student in the UK, and an aspiring actress and writer. Nothing is more important to me then family. I am in love with Dragons, crazily so. I'm a Cumberbatch fan. And just want to make friends, support the arts at every opportunity and be creative


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